Monday, 19 November 2012

My Day in Vintage Penguin Titles

Cornflower Books and The Captive Reader have both completed a meme where they outline a day's activities using the titles of books they have read this year.  As my brain can always use a bit of a stir I thought I would use their format but use the titles of Vintage Penguin books from my collection.
It was a fun but quite difficult exercise at times.
Thanks to CB and TCR for some inspiration.

I began the day by Five
before breakfasting on The Red Pavillion
and admiring The Village School
On my way to work I saw The Travelling Woman
and walked by The Misfits
to avoid The Conman
but I made sure to stop at Mr. Weston’s Good Wine.
In the office, my boss said, Defy the Foul Fiend
and sent me to research The Surgeon’s Log
At lunch with Jennie
I noticed Thurber’s Dogs
in The House in Clewe Street
greatly enjoying Claudine and Annie
Then on the journey home, I contemplated Undertones of War
because I have a Taste of Fears
and am drawn to a Russian Newsreel.
Settling down for the evening in My Mother’s House,
I studied British Music of our Time
by the Man of Property
before saying goodnight Before the Bombardment.

The above book list was authored by:
Five by Doris Lessing;   The Red Pavillion by Robert Van Gulik;   Village School by Miss Read;   Travelling Woman by John Wain;   The Misfits by Arthur Miller;   The Conman by Ed McBain;   Mr. Weston's Good Wine by T.F. Powys;   Defy the Foul Fiend by John Collier;   The Surgeon's Log by James J. Abraham;   Jennie by Paul Gallico;   Thurber's Dogs by James Thurber;   The House in Clewe Street by Mary Lavin;   Claudine & Annie by Colette;   The Undertones of War by Edmund Blunder;   Taste of Fears by Margaret Miller;   russian Newsreel by Charlotte Haldane;   Mother's House by Colette;   British Music of Our Time by Al Bacharach;   Man of Property by John Galsworthy.


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