Monday, 12 November 2012

Campground behind the Weldborough Pub where some bikers camped.
I stayed inside the pub in a tiny lovely comfortable room. Food is excellent.
I didn't have much time for reading this past weekend. Our Ulysses bike club (for riders above the age of 50 who are ageing disgracefully) did a weekend ride up to the north east part of the state. The Weldborough Forest area is stunning and a group of about 12 of us enjoyed the comraderie and beautiful sunny Tasmanian weather.

The route saw us riding approximately 350 kms north along the east coast of the state and then returning the same way back to Hobart. The scenery of the Tasmanian coastline is always beautiful and I had a chance to not only find a Penguin book but enjoy the beautiful seascapes.
After a long ride I sat down and continued reading the Penguin book
I brought with me before dinner was called.
I am midway through 3 different books at the moment so hope to wrap them up soon.  I did find a nice old Penguin at a Collectables book shop north of St Helen's. The gentleman has many books but unfortunately I couldn't linger or other motor bikers might have thought I met with an accident if I didn't meet them within a reasonable time at the pancake house we were heading for in St. Mary's.

This is the front side of the pub.

I am currently planning a week or two on my own probably in March doing some serious Penguin hunting right around the state on my own.  I am going to pack up my scooter with the tent, take my net book  my Penguin book list and some journals and do some book hunting in peace and quiet as well as a bit of reading and writing. I will certainly look forward to circumnavigating this beautiful state during the summer months once all of the kids are back in school and the only tourists will be the quiet gray nomads.

I will need to revisit this shop as he had some beautiful
second hand books on the shelves including some folio editions
and other very old hard cover books. So frustrating when
there is no time to properly devour a good second hand book shop.

I plan on doing some riding and camping with some bike mates this summer but that will happen sooner and I won't have the opportunity to do any serious book work. (reading and hunting).

Heading south from St. Helens down the east coast of the state looking out 
on the Tasman Sea.

I had not seen this sign before and was so surprised I just had to turn around,
 go back and photograph it. Yes we do have Penguins in this state!

We have tractors in this state. Enough it seems that they warrant their
own sign also.

A view facing Maria Island to the east.

Another view to the east from the road.
I looked to the left to see the sheep and the sea and I looked to the right 
to see the inland views. To be sandwiched between the two is beautiful.
A very odd cover I think. This is Penguin book number  2937, 
a first published in 1969

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