Saturday, 5 May 2012

End of a Holiday but New Books Awaited !

The Emporium in Sheffield has many second hand books.

The past few days have been both happy and sad.  Sad, because my sister flew back to California this morning and I won't see her for awhile now. Happy because we had such a good time during her visit.

As an old film buff, I love this Penguin cover.

I also managed to collect quite a few Vintage Penguin books over the past few days and am looking forward to putting them all onto The Library Thing site as well as reading them. 

My sister and I travelled from Cradle Mountain to Hobart going through Sheffield where I came across an old Emporium Collectables shop and found 5 vintage Penguin books. The shop was full of them but thankfully I already had most of them.

Sheffield is a town full of murals on its buildings.
It really brings the tourists into the area.
This one is one of my favourite ones.

Yesterday we spent the day at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary which is where I was trained to do first response animal rescue work when calls come in for injured or sick animals.  Their main program revolves around the Tasmanian Devil breeding program as about 80% of the wild devils have died due to the Facial Tumour Disease that is a contagious cancer that spreads through biting each other in the wild.  They have also lost habitat through property development, farmers have shot them because they believe they attack domestic stock which is a total fallacy or they get hit by cars eating other road kill they scavage on the roads.

Other animals at the sanctuary are those being rehabilitated from injury and will be released into the wild as soon as they are ready.

We also had great fun visiting and feeding the Wallabys at the sanctuary.

This Bennett's Wallaby was very interested
in following us through the park. 

I never tire of being amongst the creatures in this gorgeous state.

Rescued Rainbow Lorikeets

Speaking of creatures,  there was another happy moment when I arrived home. While I was playing Tassie Tour Guide I received a large box of Green Crime Penguins from a man in Victoria who is downsizing his collection of books.

Travellin Penguin home from the Post Office

I serendipitously managed to purchase 210 first published green crime Penguins  from the 1960's for next to nothing because he and his wife have evidently hoarded books and are now having a big clean out.
I enjoyed going through them and look forward to reading and sharing the stories on this blog.

As the long Tasmanian winter is on its way I know I will quite contentedly fill many hours cataloguing the Penguins, reading, and blogging.

I will be posting book reviews again very soon so if anyone who follows this site thinks I only take photos of Tasmania, fear not as books  really are the main focus of this blog.

I am currently reading The Sisters Brothers for my book group on Friday so will soon be doing a review on that as well.

But sometimes we just have to let other bits of life distract us and Tassie is a great place for that.


  1. I was struck by your comment about entering your long winter while we here in the UK are just coming out of ours (though it has to be said we're coming out of it very, very slowly!). I also loved the fact you were able to buy some novels from somebody down-sizing and that you bought 210 all in one go! Am so impressed - have just taken order of seven books at one time and thought that was a lot! But not in your league! I hope you enjoy all 210!

  2. I was not planning on this bonanza but once it presented itself I had to snatch them up as these opportunities are very rare. I will be sending some across to "a penguin a week". Both of us enjoy the green crime Penguins very much.

  3. I found a Penguin book at the Habitat for Humanity thrift shop the other day. The last published date was 2002, so figured it wasn't worth buying. Wasn't in good shape. Can't remember the title.
    First one I've ever noticed.


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