Sunday 22 April 2012

Alice in Wonderland in the Trees

Travellin'Penguin discovers
the Mad  Hatter

Oh My!
While my sister is visiting me for 3 weeks from California I am not able to do a lot of reading but keeping in line with the book theme I thought I would share the Alice in Wonderland carvings we came across.
We had driven south in the car, stopping at Tip Shops, Op shops, going down back roads to get photos of kookaburras, finally ending up at a sheep farm and sampling beautiful Tasmanian ewe cheese with a mild pinot dip whilst settling down outdoors on the verandah to enjoy a coffee and a hot chocolate.

On the way back to Hobart my sister wanted me to pull over on a hill overlooking the marina at Kettering below so she could get a photo of the yachts parked below as well as Bruny Island in the background. There is a hotel at the top of the hill with a long drive of trees. We drove to the pub at the top and pulled over under the trees to get our photo.
Tea anyone?

Off With Their Heads
As we got out of the car we noticed the short tree limbs that had previously been cut off had been carved into Alice in Wonderland characters.  They were quite good if a little old.  It was one of those experiences one has when they travel and find something
completely different.

I am happy to share the carvings with people as they are quite clever. However once photographed we searched long and hard for the Cheshire cat but sadly did not find it.

We have no idea when these carvings were completed and why the Cheshire cat is not amongst them but certainly enjoyed the other ones.

Writings on this blog will not get back to any normal regularity for at least another couple of weeks especially related to Penguin books however I may find some other literary gems as we travel around Tasmania in the car next week searching out the odd and unique.

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