Saturday, 25 February 2012

Travellin' Penguin

Welcome to Travellin' Penguin. Although I have an existing blog on travelpod about how I find the vintage Penguin Books it is now time to start reading and talking about some of the Penguin book activities as well as sharing the rest of my library. I recently completed a two week trip to England and have now returned with approximately 200 more Penguin Books. I have a fairly large library in the house and although I have more than 1100 Penguin books, mainly first published, I also have other book interests I would like to share.

I don't plan on just writing book reviews. I want to look at all the locations characters visit in many books. I think one of the biggest joys of reading is to discover new places and cultures that are different to my own and of course it is always fun to revisit other areas of the countries I have lived in (USA & Australia). There is so much to see in the world and although I will never have enough time to visit all of the places I'd like to, it is fun to do a bit of armchair travelling.

To help illustrate this point will be my Penguin friends who will appear in the photos I find of the many places I will visit in a book. I hope it will keep it entertaining for me to write about the places in my books as well as to illustrate them a bit with the use of the Travellin Penguin. I will not use the Penguin Books penguin simply because of copyright laws.

I am looking forward to starting the world journey of Travellin'Penguin. I have already travelled 56,905 kms travelling the world looking for Penguins, now it is time to enjoy the bounty of the hunt.

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  1. Bring on those books! I'm looking forward to hearing about every one you read......


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