Thursday, 6 August 2015

N is for Walking The Dogs in a NEW place......

......... that they have not seen before complete with photos.

About a week ago we had a beautiful winter's day. The temperature was mild and the sun was out. It was time to take our dogs Odie and Molly on a walk to new ground.

If you walk up the avenue I live on and turn onto the fire tracks you can walk right to the top of Mt. Wellington. We live at the base of it.  I generally take the same path but this day we made a left turn onto another track. I don't usually take that route because it is a steady walk uphill.  I also don't walk it in the warmer weather because of the highly poisonous tiger snakes. They are currently in hibernation so a good time to go bush.

It isn't until the very end we get to start walking downhill to our home.  I thought I would share the photos. I enjoyed the day with my best friends and they could not get enough smells of possums, wallabies and pademelons into their highly sensitive noses.  What a good day it was.

It was nice today as there weren't any screaming downhill mountain bikes to watch out for.

Molly doesn't get tied up in scents but Odie's dad was a Beagle.
He just can't help himself.

I could barely see Molly on the trail but Odie is off and running after another scent.

Odie decided to be a bit social and stick to the trail for awhile.

This area was peppered with wallaby droppings. So much to smell.

Odie assumes the position of King Odie Tracking Wonder

The view of the river in the distance towards the city.

When we were away on holiday in May/June there was a lot of rain. This must
have been put up during that time. Now it is just a trickle down this trail.

The path heading slowly downhill and towards home.


  1. Thank you for sharing this. I love this post. These are wonderful photos. My dogs would have loved to sniff along that trail. I'm afraid though, one of them would have rolled in the droppings. I always forget you live in Tasmania. It's scorching hot over here. I'd give a lot for a winter's day.

  2. I would love a bit of heat here for a few days. Though for walking I do prefer the cold. My dogs are always happy to be out and about and I do wish your dog could have a play with them.

  3. Thanks for sharing the photos. It looks like the dogs had a great time. I don't even know what a pademelon is, so I wouldn't know it if I fell over it. It sounds like something you'd eat for breakfast. (Just looked it up, a tiny kangaroo / wallaby thing? I definitely wouldn't eat it for breakfast!)

    1. There are people here who don't know what a pademelon is. They are a smaller wallaby. They are very cute.

  4. spectacular place! is it a national park or the like? don't think our 4 pound chihuahua could handle a tiger snake; almost anything else, though. i once surprised it on a remote logging road chasing a small herd of elk. really!

    1. It's part of the Mt Wellington Reserve at the bottom of the mountain and just behind my house. Would you believe it is only 7 km to the city centre from here. (little over 4 miles). I understand about your chihuahua. They don't know how small they are do they? Very funny.

  5. What a fabulous place - could almost be an English wood! the track looks so similar to a wood where we go walking sometimes, but the wildlife is different - and we don't encounter tiger snakes, thank goodness.

    1. Yes, England and Tasmania are very similar when it comes to a wealth wealth of walking tracks. I wish too we didn't have the snakes in the warmer weather. They are so dangerous for pets. We lost our lovely Koko cat to a whip snake last year and he was in an enclosure as we did not let him roam. I usually save bush walks for cooler months and warmer walks we stick to the footpaths or the beach.


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