Saturday, 11 April 2015

A Bit of Travellin' and A Bit of Penguin

I have just not been reading much this week.  I seem to be watching a lot of Taggart reruns on t.v. because I love the way he says, "We have another 'mudder" to work on. I also love the Glasgow area as it relates to the show.  I really do love this show.

However I did finish my library copy of Parvana's Journey by Deborah Ellis. I had read Parvana and written about it earlier as my intro into Young Adult genre. I had to read Parvana's Journey to see what on earth happened to her family. A good set of young adult books about a girl's life in Afghanistan under the Taliban.

After a spate of bad, windy weather my friend Chris and I decided to head out to Mt Field National Park on our bikes to camp a night.  We're in the midst of autumn and the weather has been gorgeous for a few days so we decided to take advantage of it.  I just wanted some "nature time" to get over the negative side of last week. It worked a treat and being in the forest next to a river always does the trick. 
Here are a few pictures of our camping. This park is absolutely beautiful and the shades of autumn even more so.  
The bikes packed with our camping gear. Had to laugh.Chris's bike with 10 bags, mine with 3. We had everything we needed. Yes, we were only camping one night.

Our campsite. The river is just to the left. I am in the small tent and Chris in the large one.

Love the symmetry of these trees.

There are some very old trees in this park. So beautiful. It is like visiting ancient ancestors.

We hiked back to Russell Falls The falls tumble over several levels and you want to stare into them all day.

The tree on the left looks like a tall skinny tea pot.The bark on these trees is gorgeous.

Autumn Leaves. So many colours around us.

On the way home we stopped for a moment at the country market in Bushy Park.  They have a couple of book shelves that are filled with books people drop off. Every time I am in the area I stop in, talk to the country ladies, buy some of their excellent jams, chutneys and marmalades and look for Penguins on the shelves.

I found a Penguin I may have already, have not checked, but the prices are cheap and I like to rescue these little birdy books.  The Pterigan published by Penguin was a book I picked up earlier in a second hand shop. Thought I would share it here as Penguin published these books and they don't turn up around here very often. I also found this original Puffin in the market and it is in very good condition. Puffins are usually quite worn because after all they were written for children and they have been around quite a long time.
A nice cross section of published Penguin books. 

It was only a two day trip but it felt as though we were gone for a week.  It's good to explore our own backyard.

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  1. Lovely photos and an early classic Monica Dickens, an author I have always meant to read more of.

    1. I hear so much about Monica Dickens and I admit I have not read much of her. I think I would really like her too. Maybe this is the year we get to know her better. :-)

  2. Isn't it wonderful how nature can restore us? It just underscores how important it is for our health and mental well-being to keep as many of these places as untouched as possible. We need the peace and tranquillity. I love those waterfalls!

    1. The waterfalls are really beautiful and they are in the middle of nowhere really (before white people arrived.) What a surprise when the original explorers or Aboriginal people discovered them Tasmania seems to have a lot of places with waterfalls. Nice to hear from you Joan.

  3. For some reason,my computer won't show the pictures! Very frustrating, because I know they are beautiful. I'm going to try from my phone. It sounds like a lovely trip!

  4. how very pleasant; looks like a restful locale. does tasmania have lots of parks? the pictures you've shared in the past have all had that cozy kind of look, like a '30's venue in southern england. seems like a wonderful place to live.

    1. Tasmania is one big park. Much of the state is preserved into national parks and there are still areas man has not explored. It is a beautiful place and one never gets tired of travelling around this gorgeous place.


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