Friday, 29 August 2014

A Springtime Walk in Winter

This week has seen amazingly warm temperatures in Hobart. After some Penguin hunting in town (will share that bounty soon) I came home on the scooter and took two of my dogs for a walk.  Everything seems to have bloomed overnight so I headed out with the dogs and camera in search of colourful flowers. So here is that walk up my road for those of you who have not been on Strickland Avenue before.
The wattle trees are in bloom.

I leaned over to look at the tiny blue flowers and Odie and Molly decided they needed to look too.

Daffodils were everywhere.

Little blue flowers were coming out under this tree.

Even the honey bees were out. Nice to see them.

The colours of these bottlebrush are beautiful. The honey eating birds like these.

Australian plants are so interesting. I'd like one of these bushes.

Lots of these trees everywhere but the sun shining on it made it particularly gorgeous.

These little ponies are a new addition to the neighbourhood. I haven't seen them before. They were very interested in us.

I don't know the name of these but they sure are a lovely blue.

These are in our front yard. They mark where the ashes of our last generation of pets rest.

Our humble home. All our money goes into my book collection. Ha ha

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