Thursday, 17 July 2014

Four Friends by Robyn Carr

I do like this cover.
Today I went and got groceries, came home, made a hot coffee with almond flavouring in it (really, it's quite good) and am about to settle down to a "fluffy" book.  "Fluffy books" are those you can read quickly, they have happy endings, everyone is a good friend to everyone and the bad people get what they deserve. Sometimes you just feel like "fluff".

I'll seriously get back to Moby Dick and the Richard Flanagan WWII book next week.  My husband, T.  is about to go visit family in the USA and Canada for 3 1/2 weeks and I am going to be taking care of all the creatures that live here.   It will be a pretty quiet month with just the dogs and cats for company and of course all of my books.  Still winter but was very mild yesterday and today and we got in a 240 km bike ride with a stop at a bakery and a cafe.  These days are very good.

The book Four Friends (by Robyn Carr) starts out with one friend throwing her junior husband (by ten years) out of the house for cheating on her and everything he owns onto the front lawn.  She is also getting her kitchen renovated so I am wondering if she is going to start up something later on with the lovely man doing her kitchen.

The other friend has a wonderful family, great kids and everything is perfect until she stops at her husband's place of work to quickly meet him for lunch and runs into his Personal Assistant in the restroom in tears. As they go along talking about the PA's relationship problem the friend suggests she go to a marriage counsellor.  As they continue to talk the PA thinks this must have been recommended because of the friend's husband's affair he had and the whole office talked about 6 years before and isn't the friend Gerri just wonderful to not have thrown him out and forgiven him.
Oops, the cat is out of the bag as Gerri never realised for a minute that this happened.
Author Robyn Carr

Well she has just confronted him and it is all about to hit the fan.  I know by the time I finish this book I will be craving something with more substance but hey, we all have books for different moods.  I am enjoying reading about all the problems and I know everything is going to work out so I am not too worried about it. Though the characters don't know it will all work out yet. They're pretty depressed right now.

Another reason I'm putting up this post is because I have had a couple of comments from my last post that comments are being directed to Google and not going up as before.  I need to see if I have sorted this out.  I noticed there are help pages directed to this problem but I have not had a lot of time to read it. So if people who do comment regularly have any problem please bear with me.  We all know Google and Facebook are monsters onto the universe and don't seem to have too many scruples if you don't keep a tight rein on them.

I hope everyone is having a pretty good week and do let me know what you're reading for your mood...TODAY ! More soon.

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