Tuesday 27 August 2013

15 Day Book Information Challenge Day 3

15 Day Book Information Challenge Day 3 

Day Three's Query is:   Who Are Your Blogging BFFs?

This is a difficult question to answer. Although I have many people whose blogs I really look forward to reading and following I can't say any of them are best friends yet.  As I have only been blogging a bit over a year it has taken me quite awhile to fully establish myself in the blogging community and I can't say I've really done it yet.  That wasn't the main reason I started to blog.  Although I have met Elaine now in Tasmania from Random Jottings and consider her a blogging friend the distance between us doesn't permit the every day best friend type of relationship I'd have with people who live near me or whom I grew up with. I also met and travelled with Karyn (apenguinaweek)  in England on our quest to find vintage penguin books. We had quite a successful trip but we don't really have
daily contact or share much information about families and problems that is the cornerstone of best "friend-dom."

For me blogging has been a lot of fun and I have met some wonderful people both face to face and online who share the same interests as I do.  It also organises my mind a bit and helps me focus a bit more than I normally would on my own world of books.   I know that some of my best friends who are not bloggers probably get bored stupid with my blogging tales and talking about the people I meet online.

Sharing the love of books online with others has created some wonderful experiences more as serendipity than seeking out to get to know people better.  Some bloggers I really click with and others I don't.  It has been a fun experience and although I now have more bloggers on my Facebook such as Thomas (My Porch), Elaine, Karyn and Simon (Stuck in a Book) due to blogging I have the opportunity to chat more with them in this fashion.  Maybe one day we'll all meet up face to face and have some good chats and share a drink, but I don't see that happening regularly as we live on three different continents. Having said that I'd love for a book blogger whom I do communicate with regularly to visit Tasmania and I'd be happy to show you our beautiful state and talk books.


  1. I belong to some internet book discussion groups, and I've met a few members from those, but I have yet to meet any other bloggers. If I do ever make it to Tasmania, and I hope to! I fully plan to foist myself on you for tours and bookstore guidance :)

    1. You will be welcome. We can't provide accommodation but we can provide local sight seeing transport, a guide (me !!) and advice. Cheers Lisa


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