Saturday 8 December 2012

Am Updating Penguin Hunter II

Yes I am reading quite a bit and yes I have even read an old Vintage Penguin book that I have half a post written about. It just isn't ready to put up yet.

Today I am even visiting a local market after receiving an email from one of the stall holders there he has a few Penguins for me. So will see what he has later today.

The reason I can't concentrate to blog is because I have been shopping this week. Big time shopping? Well, no not a house. But a new Penguin Hunting Scooter.

I have had my eye on this scooter since it first arrived in Australia in July this year from Italy.  I can only describe it as one cool bike.  I can't concentrate reading this week or writing because all I can do is day dream about my rides up the east coast to look for Penguins on this bike.  I have a list of bookshops written out of all second hand places that may have old Penguins lurking on the shelves in the state. There are several in the northwest of the state.

But my focus is more on the riding and less on the reading. After all it is going to be hot today and summer is now here and I just want to be on the road, with the smell of gum trees, hay and farms on the wind, the absolutely stunning Tasmanian landscape and a new more powerful, than I have, but not by much scooter.  So bear with me while I get over this huge bunch of endorphins in my brain and await the arrival of my Christmas present this year.
Here is the link if there are any motorbike (scooter) riding readers out there.

Aprilia SR Max 300 Scooter- fully automatic


  1. New scooters - old is good!

  2. Pam, you make me want to book a flight & hitch a ride with you :) Will your present be parked under the tree?

    1. Anytime you want to come to Tassie I'll show you all of the bookshops. And no it won't be under the tree. Probably won't be here until mid January. Nice to hear from you Lisa.


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