Monday, 20 August 2012

Sunday Afternoon in Peurto Montt, Chile

Not much happening in Peurto Montt today as it is a Sunday and everything is closed up, iron doors drawn tightly over shop windows.
We had to walk to the bus station to book our tickets for Tuesday for Beriloche and find something to eat. We get breakfast in our hotel but then must find lunch before 3:00 when most things close down.

We have heard it is too dangerous to be out after dark so we heed the advice and have food in our room we snack on at night. This is not a problem as both breakfast and lunch are a good size.

We are going to Beriloche on Tuesday morning and staying in this scenic location for 5 nights. It is even smaller than Peurto Montt is (population about 150,000 people). The bus trip will be 6 to 7 hours inland and we cross the border into Argentina.

Whilst in Peurto Montt the only bookshop I have seen was a table of books and magazines laid out in the bus station, all of them in Spanish, mostly with romance type covers on them.

Fortunately, after hemming and hawing for a bit before this holiday began, we decided to buy a Kindle each and load it up with books, mostly free ones or disks of books bought on eBay and that has provided us with more than enough books to enjoy during our days of non English and pouring rain.

On the way to the bus station we found a large supermarket and loaded up on snacks for our evenings and bus trip.   As such profound dog lovers we also bought a box of dog bone treats of a large size and I emptied the box, stuffing the bones into my pockets.  Both of us find the homeless dog situation confronting and sad. So today as we walked and talked, we tossed dog food bones to probably more than 20 dogs. Most of them cope but a few of the younger ones really tug at our heart strings. I know it is not even a drop in the bucket but it helped us deal with it a bit. The locals also feed them and they are quite adept at knowing where the tourists are to get food from them.
The rest of this post today has the photos from our walk to the bus station. I hope you find them interesting. There isn't really a lot here but we are enjoying the differences. The waterfront and view of the large hills leading up to it are very interesting with a large assortment of home styles and colours. Hasta luego.

The view from our hotel window towards the hills.

The hotel owner's dog. It made us happy to see a dog
with a good home.

Our hotel and the steep road we walk up and down to go to the city centre.
Our room is the one on the top right hand side.

This is the main street we walk down to the water front.  No idea what the blue building is but liked the colour.

The water front. It is winter now so definitely off season but supposedly in December/January it is very busy with tourists.
The view across the water front area.

The only street art we have seen outside of graffiti and this is also covered in graffiti.


  1. Am enjoying your photos and commentaries - I've never been anywhere like this!

  2. Thanks for your reply, I haven't either. Haha. Getting lots of time to read which is nice. If we don't feel like hiking around the hills, we stay in and read. Tomorrow we head to Bariloche and neither of us know what to expect there or on the 7 hour bus ride to get there. Stay tuned.

  3. I could never ride a bus for 7 hours unless they stop for a potty break every 1 1/2 hours! Not sure I'd want to visit Peurto Montt. Looks kind of bland, but maybe it's because you were there on a weekend.
    Will be interesting to see if Bariloche is any different.


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