Monday, 27 August 2012

Museo De La Patagonia: ART WORK

A beautiful photo of mother and child.
I would love to know their story.
Today, Saturday is our last day here in Beriloche.  We had read about the museum here in our guide book but when we went to it the other day, it was closed. Today being Saturday it is open from 10:00 am until 5:00 with no closure for lunch.

It is a beautiful day for a walk, quite chilly but sunny so we headed off for the museum.

It is a small museum, filled with a bit of history around natural history, the animals, birds and flora. There is also a small section of life in the 1800's in the area as well as early 1900's.  There is a good section on the archaeological side of things, mainly related to early tools and arrowheads dating back thousands of years.

No idea who he is but liked the sculpture.
At the end of the walk through it there is a current display of art featuring some paintings and sculpture.

It took about an hour to see everything so not a big time commitment and as Tom and I reach satiation point at the same time that is good.  I find once I've seen enough, I've seen enough and can't go even 5 more minutes. Must get out.
But I hadn't reached satiation point yet so would have liked a few more things to look at. There is no large gift shop either.

There are several soft cover books about the natural history of the area but nothing else.

The two attendants were friendly and let us wander through at our leisure. We could take photos as long as we didn't use flash which was nice as often in museums photos aren't allowed though I fail to see why in many cases, outside of the art work that is current perhaps.

Today I will leave you with some of the more interesting (to me anyway) finds and hope you enjoy them.

I will be putting many more photos of this museum on my Facebook page so if you are interested feel free to join up. Information is on this page

Arrowheads and early tools and
a diagram telling how to use them
President of Presidente w/ Teddy Roosevelt
(U.S. President) drawn in early 1900's.
Political figures are lampooned

and South America
Prehistoric animals of N. America


I find this very similar to the Australian Aboriginal Wall paintings.

This is interesting b/c the handprint is raised from the wall of the rock.

The conquistadors enjoyed playing games and these were
the cards to one of the games.

These were blanket sized animal pelts, the fur is on the backside
and the tanned side has been decorated with paint.

Beautiful beadwork with silver and above silver jewelery.

A very old bottle of ink. The
bottle was like a large whisky bottle
in size. Still had black ink in it.
Caricature of a geologist. Geologists and
explorers were often ridiculed by these
drawings as well as political figures.

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