Sunday, 26 August 2012

Independent Book Shop in Beriloche

Yes we are still in Beriloche. We take the bus trip tomorrow morning (Sunday) back to Peurto Montt to the hotel on the hill for one night. We then get up very early and fly to La Paz Bolivia. So as the next two days are spent in travel we are taking it a bit easy today.

We have had a very relaxing time here and did not book any excursions, mainly as they are ski related being winter and we don't ski.  Enjoyed time walking about the beautiful city, eating some lovely food and reading quite a bit.

A couple of days ago we came across a beautiful little independent book shop. We entered and as usual and everyone was more than friendly. South Americans are extremely friendly people.

I asked if I could take photos of her shop and of some of the books and I received a big smile for my effort to speak at least a few Spanish words.

We walked every city street in search of a second hand book exchange and talked to a few people but evidently there isn't anything like that here. Just as well we brought Kindles as there aren't many books in English here and we are going through a few of them.

Today I am merely sharing some  book covers to  that I thought might be of interest. Most of them are about this area of South America but others go further afield.


  1. It's reassuring that bookshops look the same the world over. They are little oases of sanity wherever they are

  2. It's such a pity when we find ourselves coming across really interesting & lovely books that are in a foreign language, and there's nothing we can do but to just stare longingly at them. I felt that in many of the bookshops while I was in the Czech Republic.

    1. Hi Michelle, I know exactly what you mean. I have always said if I had three wishes the first one would be to be able to speak any language in the world at the click of a finger. Now that would be really interesting..Thank you for dropping by here. Pam


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