Friday, 10 July 2015

Winter Days and Hot Tea

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny winter day. The high temperature hit 13C ( 56 F).  Mr. Penguin had a dentist appointment so I decided to be dropped off into town as I had errands to run. On the way through South Hobart I saw a good friend walking into the local cafe. So I hopped out of the car and joined her for a drink while she ate lunch and we had a good ole catch up.

I then walked the 20 minutes into the city centre to do some errands.  One of those was to find some good espresso coffee for the new coffee maker we bought after our trip overseas.  The first place I thought of was one of the best tea and coffee shops in town,  Jefferson's Teas.  

This establishment has been in business for as long as I can remember in Hobart City Centre.  They have coffees but their main focus I would say would have to be tea.All the teas are housed in wonderful big Chinese containers lined up on the shelf.  A pot of Vanilla Chai was available for tasting. As I found the coffee I wanted to try I was offered a small cup of this tea and it was delicious.  I immediately added that to my good fortune.

The two ladies who run the shop were great conversationalists and we had a chat about coffee, tea and books. We were talking about getting rid of the clutter in houses as they told me I could buy a small canister that matched the bigger Chinese canisters on the shelf.  I told them I was reading a book written about a Japanese de-clutterer who believed you should ask  yourself "Do you love each item in your house?" If not get rid of it. Eventually  you should only have things in your house, on the bookshelves and in your wardrobe that you absolutely love.

We all agreed that books are the hardest to part with. The more I talk to people I am realising this is a universal law.

As the afternoon was drawing to a close and the sun was sinking behind the mountain I decided I should head for the bus with my goodies and catch the bus home.

 A lovely afternoon of exercise, beautiful winter light and sunshine as well as fresh tea and coffee toe home.

Something else I learned from these ladies.  I told them tea with caffeine keeps me awake at night. They told me a little trick to get rid of the caffeine and at the risk of having a sleepless night I might try it.  Boil your water. Pour the hot water over the tea in the infuser through the tea. As soon as the hot water hits the tea the caffeine is released. Then IMMEDIATELY dump out the water and refill the infuser. Then drink the tea and although all of the caffeine is gone most of it is. They have had customers that have told them this works a treat.  Has anyone else tried this?

Now to finish the rest of the alphabet challenge on cold winter nights with decaffeinated Vanilla Chai.


  1. It's the hot days of summer for us of course - in the mid-90s all this week. But I can't give up my morning cups of tea. I drink it cold once the day really heats up. And I love tea stores! They're much too rare here.

    It sounds like a lovely day!

  2. Sounds like a perfect day!!

  3. That sounds like a wonderful store. I remember going to the Twinings store in London decades ago and being overwhelmed by all the types of tea. We have a few tea stores in Philly, but I don't think the proprietors are that bookish or friendly. Those are lovely teapots in your photo. I'm sort of obsessed with tea pots.

    1. I love tea and all the paraphernalia around it but in the morning especially I am a coffee drinker.

  4. What a lovely shop - so nice to see independent interesting shops surviving. I feel like a cup of tea now, too!


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