Saturday, 4 July 2015

A to Z post to get me started.

I always love reading Fleur's blog when she does an A  to  Z. I have done one in the distant past and did complete it. I found it was good motivation.  I have discovered since I returned home from my trip I have turned into a morning person. Usually I am a pathetic night person and can't wake up in the morning to save myself. Now I am in bed by 9 pm and up and wide awake by 5:30 or 6:00. I feed the dogs at 7 am so that gives me a good hour to get started on something.

It is winter here and it is pretty cold and the days are short. So it appears we have waking hours during much darkness. I need something to keep me occupied that is fun. So in the theme of rounding out my life at home I am going to determine an A to Z of things to complete by 31 August. So let's get started:

A is for an AUDIO books to complete and write about.
B is for the last name of an author beginning with B on my TBR pile.
C is for COUNTRY and that means something translated.

D is for a DOG walk where I take my camera and get pictures of them to post up.
E is for ENJOYING a day with friends that include beautiful scenery, nature and photos.
F is for a FUN day out on the Penguin Hunter II looking for Penguin books ✔✔✔

G is for GOING  to a second hand book shop I have not been to for awhile to look for a.
H is for a short story whose author's name begins with this letter.✔✔✔
I is for cooking something INTERESTING to eat on a cold winter's day.

J is for removing JUNK from all of the closets in my house and drawers to a variety of
   charity shops. I have already made a good start on this.✔✔
K is for a short story that begins with this letter. ✔✔✔
L is for a LITTLE  book that is fun to revisit from my shelves.

M is for MINE, a book I own to read and discuss.
N is for walking the dogs in a NEW place that they have not seen before complete with photos.✔✔✔
O is for something ODD to share with you. But first I have to work out what it is.

P is for PENGUIN and the review of one that I will read.
Q is for QUAINT village and a book about it.
R is for something I download from Gutenberg starting with R that I share with you✔✔✔.

S is for SILLY and something I share with you that really is silly. We all need a laugh in
T is for TALKING about and sharing a book about an animal since I love them so much.
U is for something to read with the word UNDER.

V is for something VERY special to do with my husband that gets us out of the house on a dark day.
W is for WANDERING on my scooter on a cold day that the sun is out with photos of where I end up.
X is for X-AMINING the new items at my favourite bookstore, Fullers in town followed by a hot chocolate in their cafe with photos to share.

Y is for YELLING out or maybe softly commenting on every blog at least once that I follow on my blog roll to stay in touch.
Z is for continuing to get my zzzzzz at night and continuing to be a morning person.  ✔✔✔

I feel motivated for the next few weeks. It is now 7:00 am and time to feed my dogs their breakfast. However.....I will be back with the Penguin soon.


  1. What a great list and great idea. I will definitely try one of my own. Looking forward to read about the outcome.
    I am neither a morning or a night person! Is that possible? Now when I don't work anymore, I try to get up not too late to enjoy and use the day. I am awake at 7 but that does not mean going up! Reading blogs in bed is very nice too!

    1. Yes, I love reading blogs in bed. Just nice to not have a lot of plans especially in the winter. That is what retirement is about and I do love it.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you very much Vicki. It is nice to be home again.

  3. Welcome home, Pam - it's lovely to see you posting again. Your ABCs look very intriguing, and I'm looking forward to reading more :)

    1. I think it will be fun. I am happy to be home. It is good to go away but good to get home. I think though that future trips won't be quite so long. My aging body is getting slower at keeping up. ☺☺

  4. solzhenitsyn wrote a
    very short story called "the kolkhoz rucksack" although maybe thats cheating due to the T in front.

    1. I am of old school where you can't use the eords a, an, and the but if I can't find anything else I might take you up on it. ☺ Thanks for the suggestion.

  5. How nice to see you and the Penguin back home again! Love the alphabet, especially 'J for removing JUN'K'. That's exactly what I've been doing in the spare room!

    1. Thank you Christine. I think getting rid of the junk will be the hardest of them all. Haha☺


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