Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Letter "R" on a Sunday Morning

A few bloggers out there are playing this little game. You must think of a book, author, song, film and object beginning with a designated letter assigned by another blogger.  My letter today is "R" given to me by the wonderful, winsome Dolce Bellezza (here).  She got the idea from Simon (Stuck in a Book).

It's always fun to do something different on a Sunday morning so here are my featured choices.

Miss Read is a delightful author and several of her books take place in Thrush Green, a wonderful little place in England.
Today we have Return to Thrush Green.

Here we have a photo of Miss Read.  From the Guardian we know that:
Miss Read was the bestselling author who made real the idea of the English village school as a sane and safe haven for those growing up after the second world war. The books were written under a pen name by Dora Saint, who died aged 98. She took her pseudonym from her mother's maiden name.

Favourite Song- This is one of many but what a favourite song and who doesn't love the Muppets? The song is The Rainbow Connection.   This song has been an old favourite since it arrived on the scene with all of the wonderful Muppet characters.

 Yes I know nobody likes Tom Cruise but everyone loves Dustin Hoffman.  This great movie released in 1988 is still an old favourite.  I enjoy the relationship between these two brothers and watching them get to know each other better. A real classic. (And I must admit Tom Cruise was very good in it.)

Favourite object:  A rainy day.  Who doesn't love a rainy day when one can sit in a comfortable place with a new book, some chocolate and a hot coffee. It doesn't get any better than that sometimes.

If you would like to participate in this game leave a comment and state you'd like to participate and I will give you a letter for the day.  If you'd like to just comment without getting a letter that would be nice too. I love chatting to people who love book blogs.


  1. This is a lovely idea to get to know new bloggers and visit each other. I'm in!
    The rainbow connection is one of my favourites too - what's not to love?

  2. Hi Brona, if you want to participate gave you the letter C. Hope you join in. Something fun!

  3. I've always wanted to try Miss Read but haven't known where to start: do you have a particular recommendation?

    1. I don't know if you need to read them in order or not. I believe the Thrush Green are one series and she also wrote other books independent of that. Wikipedia has all her books listed chronologically. If you google Miss Read books it comes up. I am just a beginner with her books. They aren't very long books so good for those books in between classics or tomes. Lol.

  4. How nice to see Kermit on your blog! I love the Rainbow Connection, and it's far too long since I've heard it. I keep meaning to watch the latest Muppet movies as well.

    We are having some lovely rain - so nice because we're still too close to a drought for comfort.

  5. Oh, this is fun! I really want to try the Miss Read books and loved Rain Man. My letter post should go up tomorrow - Audrey assigned me "M".

  6. I love that you made 'rainy day' your favorite object. I also love rainy days which we almost never get in California anymore.

  7. My sister lives near where you work and she often complains to me of not getting the rain. We usually have a very wet winter but not so much this winter and temps are definitely warmer. So it is nice to have a rainy day when we get one especially if I don't have to go out.


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