Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Tasmania's World Heritage Forests Will NOT be Delisted

What a happy morning for the forests of Tasmania.  Our government in all their wisdom (not) decided the world heritage forests should be logged or mined so put in a submission to have their world heritage value delisted.

The UNESCO decision has come through this morning that it was a unanimous decision not to do so. It was madness in the first place to even think of logging these wonderful, ancient forests.

I am happy that the people of the world and all the animals will continue to enjoy this part of our home state.


  1. Thank goodness sanity has prevailed!

  2. Victory! Breathtaking photos. Nothing man makes can even start to approach the beauty of nature.

  3. Hi, Pam--
    I heaved a sigh of relief when I read this post. To think that it even had to be deliberated upon!! That is so scary to think of it coming to that. As a lover and fierce protector of forests, I am indeed jubilant that the Tasmanian forests are safe for now, and I do sincerely hope, for forever.

  4. Can you imagine saying it's okay to destroy God's world? In my wildest dreams I can't believe our government would sanction such a thing.

    On second thought...

    Anyway, of all the "places" in the world: mountains, seas, prairies, forests, the later are my favorite. The pictures you posted take my breath. The trees are absolutely majestic. I have a few pine ones from trees in California, and their over 24 inches long. I keep them out year round,min stead of only at Christmas.


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