Saturday, 11 January 2014

McKay's Book Store- Nashville Tennessee

I finally got my trip photos downloaded and one of the places I visited was McKay's Book Store.  I decided when I got there I wouldn't buy any books because I had already bought books in California and Florida and I was worrying about my suitcase home. As it was I was on the limit of weight and only managed to get the things home because I put them in carry bags and then pretended they didn't weigh anything when going through gates?  I just about killed myself, really.

So I decided on two things.

1- I would enjoy the moments of all the books, dvd's, CD's and LPs knowing I really didn't need anything. 

2- In the event I DID need something, that book I couldn't live without then I would photograph it and find it online once I got home.   That actually worked.  Although now the moment has passed I haven't actually shopped for them.  I quite liked the 1952 American Lit book and am thinking about it.

So without further fanfare I hope you get to Nashville TN one day to enjoy this store and if you do get in the area you can easily find the directions on Google.   Otherwise enjoy the photos.

If you need a coffee or tea this little caravan out front can help you out.
There is no cafe once you are inside.

I loved this because I was in a Jack London mood and this had all his major
works in it.

I just liked the cover of this book so took a photo 

I loved these reference books and they had them from all different countries.

I really liked this 1952 copy and if I had bought anything it would have been this.

The authors that the above book talked about. They thought a well
read American Lit would include these.

Part 2- American Lit authors

This was a very interesting book but you can tell McKay's
don't care about stickers on front covers. Why don't they put them
on the back?  My only gripe.

I really seemed attracted to books about books. I think I'm finally
at the stage that novels can be gotten from the library or Kindle

This gives you an idea of how many books there are.

Merry Christmas, the tree at the entrance of the shop, I loved the fantasy
figure in place of the angel.