Monday, 7 October 2013

House Sitting is Giving Me No Time for Books

When I came here for my 10 day stint of peace and quiet in the country I was convinced I would have lots of opportunity to practise my photography and read a great deal of things I wanted to catch up on.
You know how one sees ones self, lying back in a chair, outdoors in the sun, a hot drink at hand.

The dam out front usually has a great deal of water fowl on it however
everything has disappeared due to the winds. A big hawk flew over this
morning though looking for a bit to eat.

Kazzy celebrates her 11 th birthday TODAY. My house sitting directions
I must sing Happy Birthday to her OUT LOUD. Did I? Will I do this?
I am not saying. 

Well the first three days here it rained a lot and the wind blew everything everywhere. The dog continually tracked in tiny foot prints on their hardwood floors from the muddy back yard, then she spent copious amounts of time finding weak points in the fence to disappear over the ridge to the neighbours. So I have spent a great deal of time finding her escape holes. I certainly don't want to lose the dog.

Rounding up the chickens at the end of the day took some practise too. You don't just walk out with a floral hat on and sundress, call " Chook, Chook, Chook" and expect them to run to their coop. Instead they hide behind trees and under things. Little did I know they would go home to roost on their own once the sun started to go down. Now I know that.

I did get the camera out but the wind was terrible and the lighting worse. I'd line up a pose with something I liked, such as a bird and then the automatic would struggle and by the time the picture snapped the bird was long gone, or the flower had died.

Night time was even more interesting. There are engine sounds but noone on the road? How fast does sound travel in the country? There are starlings under the iron roof and that starts to sound like a Lodge meeting. There are people out at night hunting roos which seems to be popular and just as I'd settle with my book a gun would fire not all that far away.  I found it was easier to drink my glass of milk, put on the heating blanket and turn out lights for an earlier than usual night and try again the next day.

So although I have started to read several things I have not finished anything I want to write about yet. So just hold that thought. However enjoy the beauty and serenity ? of this beautiful property my good friends have built up for themselves.  It really is very lovely.


  1. I'm going to guess the two goldfish didn't try to escape under a fence or hide behind any trees. Happy birthday to Kazzy. I do hope you sang to her. My experiences of house sitting have been the three or four times a friend traveled to visit family or traveled with her nephew and his wife to Ireland. There was only a single cat for me to keep up with, but Babe tended to come in at night — or not come in — as she pleased, since cats obviously rule and make sure you know it. Enjoy the beauty around you. I hope you get lots of good photos.

  2. I have taken a few more photos. Today was a lovely day of sunshine today and no wind. So got a few things done in the yard. For example fortifying the fence some more. Not sure if it worked yet or not. Thanks for dropping by with us.

  3. I love the picture of the chickens. And you saw a daffodil! I guess it is spring where you are. It is most definitely very autumnal here, but not Keats' season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. Oh no, it's cold, wet and blustery... the leaves have barely turned colour (some still haven't) but they're being blown off the branches, and everything looks bleak and bedraggled.

    1. Sorry this is late...blogspot has been acting up on comments moderation. It is always funny to be in the Halloween side of the year and have it spring. I don't think I'll ever get used to the reversed seasons even though I have lived here now for 25 years. Hope you get some sunshine soon.


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