Thursday, 8 August 2013

Library Loot from the Tasmania State Library (Linc)

Our library in Tasmania is quite well resourced for a population statewide of about 500,000.  The best thing about it is the enormous choice available through internet library loan. Reserve your books online and receive an email when they come in with about 2 weeks time allowed to get into the city to get them.

Most everything about our library is good except the change of name to Linc.  Evidently our library 'lincs' to many other parts of bookish delights around the state and of course there are the education aspects of it all as well.  I still refer to our library as the State Library and will be hard pressed to say, "Why, I got that book just the other day at the Linc."

Tuesday is my library day. Each Tuesday I attend the Play Reading class at our U3A (University of the Third Age) for us old retired people. Mind you I do turn up on my hotrod 300 cc scooter so don't get the wrong picture of what this old retiree is like.  I wear my cons most of the time too because we all know with a good pair of sneakers we can run faster and jump higher.

After the U3A class I go to the two main Op shops to look for Penguin books. Vinnies and the Red Cross Book shop. They often feature in my posts.  Then onto the library. Best thing about riding the old 300 Penguino scooter, as he is called is it is so easy to park in the library lot where parking is at a premium.

The Library Loot this week is quite varied and heaps of fun and also has things to keep me awake at night.

 I saw this book in Glee Books when I was in Sydney and fell in love with it. However as the Library had it I thought I'd check it out first and make sure I didn't fall into an IMPULSE (say that in a deep voice) buy. It is from a Sydney born travel ad food writer, blogger and intrepid gourmet (from the back blurb) and the illustrations alone are enough to own it. I may still buy it yet as I do really love it. Stay tuned for a more complete review in days to come so you can also enjoy the photos and illustrations.

 My dear friend Irene put me onto this book.  It is absolutely fun, fun and more fun. Just a quick blurb- Ies de la Fressange - France's icon of chic- shares her personal tips for style and beauty, gleaned from decades in the fashion industry. I really will have to do a proper review of this book when I've had more time to look at it.  Oh dear- I can see this may turn into a buy as well. The illustrations make me laugh out loud and so motivating when one gets up on a cold, dreary winter's day and only has track pants or jeans in the closet with an old sweatshirt that has a stain on it. I really do NEED a new wardrobe.

 As there is so little excitement in my life at the moment I thought I'd just  lie in bed and scare myself witless with this title I heard reviewed on the ABC Radio National.  It starts out with these words on the back:
Women are supposed to be tender and loving- not cold hearted killers, knife wielding vampires or gun toting hijackers. Yet throughout history, there's been no shortage of less than law abiding ladies.  
Hey you know we all have our moments.

This story has always fascinated me from news reports.  As I had such a good time with the audio book of The Third Policeman (previous post) I saw this on the What's New in Audio books shelves at the Linc.  (oops I said it).
This is the story of the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko and the Return of the KGB.  I thought I'd have a listen to it and see what led up to all of the turmoil around this incident.

The last entry here is another audio book from the same shelves at the Library and I was attracted to the cover and the title. I had absolutely no idea what it was about but brought it home. Now I see it is about Ed, who is having a hard time at work,  in his love life and well generally. (according to the blurb).  Then he neets an unlikely Buddhist- who drinks and smokes and talks his kind of language. Bit by bit things begin to change.

I am a bit concerned when I think about my Loot this week.  If I really leave winter mood and delve into these I may come out as a very chicly (such a word?) dressed female fatale with a Buddhist attitude travelling around looking for great food to cook.  What happens to you if you combine all the themes of your Library Loot this week?   Oops ......another fun game for bloggers to play.

I will let you know how I go with these. They all look great and I' m starting today with the Library reads.


  1. I do like the image of you zipping around on your scooter! Looks like you picked up some great books at the "Linc" (I'd have trouble getting used to calling it that, too). I'm particularly intrigued by the Tori Haschka. Enjoy your loot!

  2. Thanks Claire, You must get your hands on a copy of this wonderful travel/cook book. The illustrations and photographs are really great. And yes the scooter is always good fun.

  3. These books qualify as "sweetness of my week" for me! I love reading about what others are reading, and there's not much sweeter than a book. The fashion one and crime one seem the most interesting to me. Although those dear French women weigh about four pounds and anything looks good on them! ;)


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