Sunday, 12 May 2013


Yes I have been reading. Trying to get into a new crime book that's been put forward by the book group I'm in. Also someone loaned me the Language of Flowers which I'm looking forward to and I see I have 4 books that have come in at the library that I need to pick up.

But the past week has been a distraction.  As people who know me know I am in a motorbike group that rides every Sunday and also participate in a lot of social activities.  Well unfortunately one of our members was in a tragic accident last Sunday and sadly he did not survive it.  So thoughts of this very tragic event will not leave my mind.

Yes it is a high risk sport however anyone who would have been in the same place at the same time whether they be in a car, a bike or a horse or even walking probably would have been hit by this idiot who decided to pass a slow moving caravan in front of him without adequately looking to see if anyone was coming towards him.  Enough said on that. 

All of us will be back to normal and riding again and most of us have already been out on our bikes this week.  I remember having a very bad fall in my kitchen when I ran to answer the phone one afternoon, barefoot and one of my animals had taken the liberty of having a little accident on the lino floor and I went flying across the kitchen, knocking into all kinds of cabinets.  It just shows these things can happen anywhere and one cannot live life in fear.

So I have been reading and I have wanted to put up a book post though there have been several days I thought I'd just hit the delete button and not worry about Travellin' Penguin anymore. However the little guy makes me laugh, keeps me focused and I also am reminded when I've been reading well and frequently as opposed to doing sweet bugger all and getting lazy.  This week I have been lazy. However I have finished other jobs I needed to do.

On a funny note I typed up a letter for a neighbour who is fighting the city council over a tree and she doesn't have a computer. I told her I'd be happy to type up the letter and print it out for her. All of 5 minutes work really.

But the next day she arrived with a lovely bottle of red wine and this funny gift cat book. I sat down with it and had a look and it really does amaze me how many quirky, very silly gift books do get published.  I think there is something about cats and cat people that they will accept anything in the name of a cat if they are in fact cat lovers which both she and we are very much.  I always laugh at how many book bloggers love their animals but many seem to have cats.

So this is my book of the week. I know , I know, not a whole lot of substance but my past week hasn't had a lot of substance and I'm a firm believer we should read what makes us happy at the time.  It really is quite astounding when one walks into a book shop and sees how many little gift books (as I call them) there are.  No doubt people receive these types of books all of the time. Christmas, birthdays, Mother's Day, Easter....they abound.  There is always a bit of a laugh involved and one realises it is nice to have friends who take the time to shop for these little things. They also come in different sizes from very small to quite tall as this cat book is.  What do people think of them?  They're cute and I enjoy them though I do realise once a big cull is in order from time to time some of them do quietly disappear when I know the giver may have forgotten it should be on my shelf.  I guess gift books won't make it to e-Books anytime soon. Kind of defeats their purpose. Any other ideas on these? 

Well, enjoy these photos of various cat patterns one is able to make for their cat if they are so inclined. Personally my cat would slap me silly if I put one of these hats on his head.

I will be back soon with a more substantial post and more of a 'real' book, whatever one's definition is of that.  I have enjoyed very much reading all of the blog posts I follow regularly on this site and they have inspired me to jump back in and pick up some more substantial books. I'll get the library books on Tuesday and might share them with you.  I'll also finish up this crime book I'm reading for the book group. No ideas on it yet.  Until then..... 


  1. Personally I think those silly little gift books are a waste of money. You look thru them a few times and then what....... I'd rather spend that money on a good used book I can sink my teeth into, or even a fluffy fiction story....

    1. As it was a gift from a neighbour and a friend I thought it was a lovely gesture. I doubt I would buy it for myself which is what I guess a lot of gifts are about. Receiving something thoughtful of something one might not buy for self.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend - and glad that you've found distraction & amusement with the cats (and also glad you didn't hit the delete button). Mine would not tolerate hats either!

    1. Thank you Lisa. I appreciate the sentiment. I could just see me putting one of these hats on my cat. Will write something a bit more "bookish" soon.

  3. Very sorry to read about your friend - both my sons used to have bikes and I'm afraid I worried endlessly about them, having seen how feckless many drivers are. You're right that you can't let your life be ruled by it, but it must have been horribly traumatic for you all. Having to make the effort for our animals is such a help sometimes, isn't it.


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