Thursday, 18 October 2012

Max Beerbohm's Illustrated Zuleika the pictures.

Earlier this month I reviewed Max Beerbohm's singular novel of Zuleika Dobson (here). I was at the Tasmanian State Library the other day and found an edition of The Illustrated Zuleika Dobson which is the version of the book Mr. Beerbohm illustrated with his caricatures. The pictures are absolutely charming.

Max Beerbohm was known for his caricatures, essays and short stories and he only wrote one novel in his life. I enjoyed these illustrations so much I thought I would share them here for a bit of fun. Enjoy.

The Duke

Zuleika's grandfather
collects her at the train station.
A night out.

2 black owls appear for a night before the death of a Duke do all the young men of Oxford also
drown for Zuleika

The Duke throws himself into the river
for Zuleika ....

Zuleika with her maid Milisande. Now all the Oxford men
are gone whatever will she do now she bemoans.


  1. The pictures are lovely - I like the one of the maid brushing her hair.

  2. PS: I bought two yellow Penguins today... never seen a yellow one before! And one has an advert for Pears Soap on the back - it says '6 pence a cake', 'feel it's tonic action' and 'matchless for the complexion'!!!

    1. The yellow Penguins are beautiful. I have a few of them. They are more of the miscellaneous published books. Thank you for the comments.

  3. I plan on reading this one but am finding it hard to find a copy of it. You'd think Penguin would have a nice edition in print. I guess I will have to find a used copy somewhere.

    1. If you send me your mailing address I am happy to send off a spare copy of it I have. email me at psbparks at ymail dog com


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