Monday, 2 February 2015

A Little Holiday for a Week

On The Move
I am going to have a little hiatus in Sydney beginning tomorrow so I won't be around the blog much.
My sister in law is visiting from Canada and I'm meeting her in Sydney and we're going to hang out once she gets over her jet lag a bit.

While she recovers I hope to visit a couple of book shops I didn't get to last visit, eat some lovely Chinese food in Chinatown, get to the markets and generally relax a bit without a household a dogs and cats and people.

Then on Sunday we'll come back to Tassie and she'll enjoy our sights here for a month.  It's going to be a busy time. We don't get many relatives visiting from North America so it's always lovely when they do come this far.

On the book front I am still reading Pride and Prejudice. I'm almost finished and hope to read on the plane. I have my ear plugs ready for the noise of a small squeally child that I know will sit somewhere close to me.

I am still enjoying the book but do find it slower going. I have gotten used to the language (pretty much) and I love the people in it and their little dilemmas.  I find myself re-reading passages because I like the sound of them so much. It is a complete escape from modern life in this, our year of 2015 with all the media coverage of the awful things in life.

I wouldn't mind being in a horse and carriage going down back roads on the way to balls and all of the gossip that occurs at them.

I will be back before you know it.

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