Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Tassie Travels

People who know me know I live in Tasmania. Today is supposed to see temperatures here of 28 C. That's 86 F for my North American friends and family.  So three of us are going to do a motorbike ride up to the little town of Hamilton.

I have ridden through this town any number of times and there is a cafe that hasn't been there too long, though probably longer than I think that has motorbikes parked in front of it and books in the window.  I am curious as to know if there are any old Penguins here.  So I decided I am going to ride up there, have some coffee and maybe something else nice they serve and see what is on their decorative shelves.  People here seem to like to decorate their shelves with Penguin books.

I always worry I will see a very rare Penguin on the shelf and the owner won't want to sell it to me so I will need to work out a way of stealing it without them knowing who did it.   I have never stolen anything since my mother took me back to the supermarket at age 7 with the Snicker's candy bar I had hidden under my hat and left the store a crook.  I got caught upstairs stuffing it down my mouth to hide the evidence and had to go back and apologise and pay my nickel to the lady who saw me leave with it in the first place. I was searched, the car was searched but none thought to look under the little crochet black and white beanie I wore.  I digress.

I'll come back here later on with some photos of the cafe,  the books, maybe the food and perhaps the bikes.  So stay tuned.

It takes about 90 seconds to travel through Hamilton.

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