Sunday, 31 August 2014

Five New Penguins and One Revisited

Today I went to the Red Cross book shop which has the best bargains in town. It is a wonderful book shop and many people use it.  It has great turnover and my South Hobart friend Brian has made it his mission to visit the shop twice a week looking for Penguins for me and Zane Grey books for him.

Penguin No. 2408 Lovely cover
When I went in to the shop today there was Brian sitting comfortably in a chair discussing books and movies with the elderly ladies that volunteer in the shop.

He is quite funny as I hear him say, " No she won't want that one, it has the ISBN on the spine. Just the ones with the numbers."  He makes me laugh as he is a real scrounger.

I am sure if he ever invited me into his home I'd find he's close to being a hoarder if he isn't already. He tends to visit our house once a week for a cup of coffee and a chat about his beloved 40's movies and western and war books.  He'll bring me a Penguin and say, "Do you have this one?"  I always tell him "No" and he says with a big grin on his face, "Well you do now.."

He has come up with heaps of Penguins, many of which I have. I put those into a box and when I get enough, take them to auction. With the money I get at auction I buy him Humphrey Bogart and Mickey Rooney movies and Zane Grey westerns.  It is really quite funny.

But now and again he comes up with the winners, the ones I don't have yet.
Both of us get enormous pleasure from the Penguin hunt.  He is getting very good now at finding the series Penguins published before 1970.  At first he was bringing me everything Penguin ever published.  I had to put a stop to that.

When I left the shop I was just getting my helmet on to get on my bike and Brian came running out of the shop. Now he is 78 and overweight so it was a sight.  He was waving a cerise Penguin in the air above his head. "Do you have this one?  We just found it."  I do have it but I said, "No a pink Penguin, a great find and gave him the two dollar coin to go back in and pay for it." "Well you do now" he said. Big smile on his face he took the 2 dollar coin back into the shop, a job well done.  It really is heartwarming, the things that give us joy.

 So here is the loot from today with Brian, the Red Cross lady and myself all searching out Penguins.

Cerise Penguin- I have it so will turn it into a Humphrey Bogard DVD for Brian

Penguin 2391 Not heard of this author. Love the cover.

Reading the back of this Penguin, No 2389 made me laugh. His books are always funny.

A Victorian novel written by an author I have not heard of either. No. 1569

This may have been Find of the Day. A Penguin Handbook No. PH 29- 1957

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