Sunday, 22 September 2013

Bikes instead of Books today

Photo from their Facebook page.

Saturday was meant to have been rainy and blustery. A few of us had planned a camping weekend but it had to be cancelled. So Saturday morning dawned and the sun was shining. And there was little wind. Hmmm... a Bike Day.

A small group of us met for coffee about 10:30 am at Moto Vechio cafe on the Eastern Shore of Hobart. It is a relatively new cafe and the decor speaks to motorbike enthusiasts. Old restored and semi restored bikes are parked along the walls. The Ulysses Bike group members upon presentation of their card get a 15% discount on food and drink and the owners and staff always smile. Also as one member pointed out they don't charge an extra 50 cents for soy milk in our coffee. We all have our favourite benefits in life.

We finished the coffees and toast and the sun continued to shine. Off we went down to the wharf on the bikes where the Tall Ships are visiting.

Tall Ships Hobart, Tasmania (Photo from Hobart Mercury Newspaper)
However they were docked, no sails up and the crowds were crushing.  I will try to see them when they sail away up the river on Wednesday.

We escaped for country roads farther south and ended up at Grandvewe. Grandvewe is a dairy farm of sheep. They have a beautiful little cafe that looks out over Birches Bay to the south of Hobart. The ewes are lambing and the lambs of course are gorgeous.

The view over Birche's Bay south of Hobart. Beautiful farmland.
Photo by Terina

How cute is this little fella.  Photo by Terina
They have cheese tastings of their dairy cheese which is excellent, yesterday I tasted a fine blue cheese that was quite mild but lovely none the less.

Trav Penguin didn't get down there as he was home wrapped up in a Kindle finishing Kathy Reich's latest book , more on that later, from him.

We had more coffees and teas and some Panini bread with cheese and free range ham with chutney that melted in my hungry mouth.
Photo by Pam

We always love a group photo.  That is 'moi'  on the far left. Photo by Terina

Then back onto the bikes and back to Hobart.  It turned out to be a beautiful day with great friends and the most gorgeous country side in the world. (Or so we think anyway).  Tasmania truly is one of the world's best kept secrets. Enjoy the photos.

Our mate Terina has a camera on her bike.
This is our group heading back north to
Hobart (a trip of about 45 minutes)

Photo by Terina


  1. We should go to ECHO Farms while you are here. It's nothing like what you saw (lambs, etc) but it's still an interesting place. They train 3rd world country people how to grow crops in all sorts of "soils" and other matter. They also send packets of seeds to needy countries.

  2. Sounds like a good enterprise. Interesting.

  3. It looks like you had so much fun with your friends on a wonderful fall day! I am still trying to get back into the swing of things with the new school year starting, so much to prepare for my class, but I'm glad I get a vicarious weekend through yours. ;)

  4. Thanks for your comment. We're actually in springtime now as we're in the Southern Hemisphere. Looking forward to spring and summer after a fairly long winter. Good luck with your new school year. Kids here about to go on end of term 2 school holidays and then they're back until Christmas when the school year ends. All the best.

  5. What a lovely little weekend adventure. I am jealous of you living so close to the coast too, I spent a lot of my childhood no more than 30 mins from the sea and those tall ships are gorgeous. Hope you get to see them swooshing along in all their glory this week. :)


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