Sunday, 3 June 2012

Les Liaisons Dangereuses in Sydney

I am taking a week long break from the blog not because I really want to but because I am flying up to Sydney without my computer tomorrow for a girl's week out.  I have a good friend who lives in Northern New South Wales and once a year we meet up for a week of shopping and theatre.

We plan on hitting the shops, including any book shop we happen to fall upon. I particularly like Glee Books (an independent book shop) that includes their second hand shop a few doors down the street. I have found quite reasonably priced Penguins previously though that may have changed in a year's time. If so they will stay on the shelf. There are also a couple of book shops I enjoy on Oxford Street on the way to Bondi Beach by bus.

Pamela Rabe and Hugo Weaving

The highlight of our trip is a visit on Thursday night to the Sydney Theatre Company on Sydney Harbour to see  Les Liaisons Dangereuses  with Hugo Weaving, Pamela Rabe and Justine Clarke.  It should be a wonderful break for a few days and then I will be back with the Penguins again ready to settle into my winter plans of continuing to organise my newly acquired ones, getting them catalogued onto Library Thing and blogging again.

I have decided that every other book I read shall be a Penguin book in some form and as I have so many I am looking forward to the variety as well as reading the many TBR books I have acquired before I devoted so much to my Penguin collection.

I find a journey away from home whether it be long or short always inspires me to think creatively and gives me the motivation to do everything  I want with more energy and enthusiasm!

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